Reds Enterprises, a subsidiary of Dynamic Leasing Canada Inc., prides itself on offering a professional and uncomplicated private leasing experience. Holding our leases in-house gives us the freedom to provide custom leases that fit your needs and can adapt should those needs change.


As a subsidiary of a commercial leasing company there are distinct advantages; Reds is able to operate on a very personalized case by case scenario while at the same time utilize the resources and infrastructure of the fleet leasing company, ensuring you get concession pricing while at the same time a personal service. Contact us, we’re happy to help.



Dynamic Leasing handles all of the commercial and fleet leasing, and they do it well. Have you ever stopped to consider how much time, effort and money is wasted in your company dealing with vehicle and equipment issues? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could find a company that could handle all these leasing and procurement issues for you? A company that:


 • Has vast experience of the marketplace.

 • Has personable and reliable staff, people you can trust to get the job done.

 • Has the contacts to obtain the best deals for you in a timely fashion.

 • Sources vehicles for some of North America’s largest companies.


An intolerable burden is now placed on the fleet owner who requires expertise in finance, mechanics, accounting, administration, procurement and disposal to cope with the ever increasing demands of operating a modern fleet of vehicles. Here are just some of the ways in which Dynamic can help:


• Dynamic allows you to upgrade or replace equipment as your business grows.

• Avoid the costly outlay of capital to buy equipment, avoid commitments of a long term lease.

• The lease period is designed to coincide with the length of project, or length of the season.

• Through our project lease program there are no inactive vehicles depreciating until another job starts.

• Vehicles are new each year which reduces the chance of costly breakdowns, and produces a strong company image.


Together, we are an independent, Canadian-owned company whose principals have over 60 years of experience and extensive knowledge of the rental, leasing and auto industries. We offer attractive, competitive lease rates and worry-free solutions to equipment problems.






+1 (905) 639-9187 ● INFO@REDS.CA